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Epic Citadel tech demo arrives on Android phones

If you’re a gamer, then you’ve heard of the Unreal Engine. No ifs, no buts, if you’re a gamer, then you’ve likely already played many games that use it, but what you might not know is that creator Epic has been working on bringing a tech demo of it onto Android phones. Well, they now have, and here it is! Say hello to Epic Citadel

Right then, that’s not a game, but damn, if that ain’t impressive! What you’re seeing there is a tech demo, to show off how well Unreal can run on Android phones. Well, it turns out that it runs really rather well indeedContinue reading

Samsung Galaxy S3 – blimey, Samsung’s shifted 20 MILLION of ’em!

Based on how well the Samsung Galaxy S II sold, pretty much everyone in the entire world predicted that its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S3, would sell like chuffing hotcakes. Once the phone was actually released, it, well, did; seriously, it wasn’t a question of whether it would outsell its predecessor, but rather, a question of how much exponentially faster it would do so.

And now we know the answer, thanks to the SamsungTomorrow blog (Google-translated link, enjoy), ‘cos it turns out that the Korean manufacturer’s sold 20,000,000 of them, in a mere 100 days. Yes, that’s 20 million.

Pretty impressive, no? Continue reading

Apple vs Samsung case makes me think the ENTIRE legal system fails

[The opinions expressed in the blog post are entirely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Mobileshop.com.]

Well folks, the case of the millennium is underway, as Apple and Samsung have gone to trial, and I’ll be honest, I’m trying to avoid talking about it too much, because quite frankly, the entire farce is beginning to make me lose the will to live. However, the latest news from today has moved me enough to put, er, finger to keyboard, and type a missive about the latest thing that’s annoyed me.

Y’know, ‘cos it doesn’t do me good to bottle these things up, like. I get all stressed, and shout at the cat, and everything.

So, what’s seething away in my brain today? What development in the Apple vs. Samsung case has me all annoyed and ranty now? Continue reading

Phew! The Samsung Galaxy Note ICS update didn’t ruin my sister’s phone!

Right then, after the problems my mate had when updating his Samsung Galaxy S II to Ice Cream Sandwich (which I blogged about at the time), my sister was a bit wary of updating her Samsung Galaxy Note, in case it all went pear-shaped and she had to fiddle about downgrading it back to Gingerbread (which is what my mate ended up having to do, although at least it solved his problem).

So, it is with much happiness, since it would’ve been me who ended up fixing it for her, that I say this: the Samsung Galaxy Note appears to be suffering from no such problems in its update!

So, I’d call that a win… Continue reading

Is there a problem with the Galaxy S II’s Ice Cream Sandwich update?

Right then, this is an interesting little case, and it’s one I figured I’d best blog about, ‘cos if you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S II, this could well affect you. Y’see, me and my good mate/personal IT guru, the erstwhile Bulldog, spent a solid hour trying to fix a problem with his Galaxy S II, and the thing is… well, both me and him reached the conclusion that it’s a systematic problem with Samsung’s implementation of Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy S II.

Maybe I should back up and explain what’s been occurring. He has a Samsung Galaxy S II, and a few days ago, he got the notification saying that it was all set to update to Ice Cream Sandwich. So he did. And that’s when the problem started, but it didn’t end there. So, what’s the crack? Continue reading

Freemium Men In Black 3 game comes to Android and iOS devices

Did I ever tell you guys what my first ever gaming experience on a touchscreen phone was (ignoring my first ever experience on any phone, of course, which was table football on the old Sony Z7)? It was on the Sony Ericsson P800, and the game was Men In Black, an on-rails, first-person shooter based on the first movie in the Will Smith-starring trilogy. It was fun. Yes, it was a bit useless, but it was fun, as far as these things go.

So, it seems fitting, somehow, that with a third movie on the way, and with me on my third smartphone operating system (Symbian UIQ, then WinMo, and now Android), that I talk about the new Men In Black game, that’s available now, for Android and iOS… Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S3 – ye gods, NINE MILLION pre-orders already?!

Good god almighty, that’s a bleedin’ big number in the headline, innit? To my mind, there was never any question that the Samsung Galaxy S3 would be a roaring success; it was always going to simply be a case of how mind-bogglingly massive a success it was going to be, and today, via Reuters, we have some idea of just how huge this phone is going to be (of course, if you’ve already read this post’s title, you already know how big the number is, but I refuse to interrupt my train of thought, so there).

Yup, that’s right. Apparently, there’s nine million pre-orders for the chuffing thing. Blimey, I knew it was going to be popular, but that’s just astonishing. What we can conclude from that, is that the Galaxy S3 is going to fly off shelves… Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S III will have a 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos processor

Well, it’s not long now till the Samsung Galaxy S III is due to be announced, and in the build-up to that momentous (well, potentially momentous) day, some more details about the phone are popping up online. The latest bit of news comes courtesy of Engadget, and it’s an important bit, ‘cos it tells us what processor the phone will be using.

Yup, it’s going to be a Samsung Exynos processor, much like the earlier Samsung Galaxy S II, only this one is a new version of the processor. More specifically, it’s a quad-core version of the processor, and it’s apparently clocked to run at 1.4 GHz.

Ah, but that ain’t all, though, ‘cos there’s one other fact that makes it really quite exciting… Continue reading

Samsung Unpacked app accidentally confirms Galaxy S III name, it seems

Right then, we all know the Samsung Galaxy S III is due to be unveiled soon, but the bit that has a question mark hanging over it is whether it will be called the Galaxy S III. Up till now, y’see, Samsung have only called it “the next Galaxy phone”, so although everyone believed it would be the Galaxy S III, no-one had any actual, real proof.

Apparently, according to CoolSmartphone, we may now have some proof that the phone really is called the Samsung Galaxy S III. Or Galaxy S3, as the case may be. Could go either way, like the Samsung Galaxy S II. But yeah, confirmation, and now we know that name is correct, right?

Weeeeeell… not necessarily… Continue reading

Samsung teaser (presumably for the Galaxy S III) appears online

We’re getting ever nearer to the magic date when Samsung plans to take the wraps off their next Galaxy phone (which hasn’t been confirmed as the Samsung Galaxy S III, but that’s what everyone is betting it’s called), and so, it’s time for a teaser video, that tells us precisely nothing, but reminds us that it’s coming…

Right, I’ll admit, this was my first thought (and yes, I think in capital letters and bold text, sometimes): OH MY GOD, THAT’S THE “NORMANDY REBORN” THEME FROM MASS EFFECT 2, WHAT IS THAT DOING IN A SAMSUNG ADVERT ?! Continue reading