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Mobile phones (and woohoo, they’re HTC phones) in The Apprentice

Well folks, here we go. Another year’s run of The Apprentice is almost up, and once again, mobile phones have taken a starring role throughout the whole series… well, sort of, anyway. They very definitely appear, but they also very definitely don’t get used to their full potential. Y’see, the phones they’ve been using this year have been HTC phones. I know they’ve been HTC phones, because they were a dead ringer (albeit in grey) for my HTC One X. The red ring round the camera lens, though, was a dead giveaway that they were the HTC One X Plus.

So yeah, it’s nice to see someone else besides Nokia or Samsung showing their phones off on the telly for a change… Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 1020 – awesome camera phone with a fatal flaw?

Nokia Lumia 1020 – awesome camera phone with a fatal flaw?

Well, no-one saw this one coming, did they (extreme sarcasm mode engaged)? After weeks of rumours, during which time we saw the phone in the flesh and even learned what would turn out to actually be its real name, the Nokia Lumia 1020 has been officially unveiled…

Let’s not beat about the bush, here; this beastie is going to be, without a doubt, the best camera phone ever made, in one regard at least. No other mobile camera will even come close to matching the imaging performance this thing, so kudos to Nokia for that. But (and it’s a big but), there’s a couple of little issues that make me strongly suspect it’s not going to be enough… Continue reading

Ooh, look, a Kodak camera that’s also an Android phone

Y’know how there’s been a spate of devices recently, where the world of Android has sort of merged with the world of digital cameras (the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom comes to mind)? When you look at gadgets like that, do you find yourself thinking that they’re a bit too, well, modern? Then have a look at this…

Yes, Kodak has only gone and designed a concept for a camera with an Android phone sellotaped to it, called the Instamatic 2014. However, this beastie is a bit different to anything else on the market… Continue reading

Leaked system dump reveals more details about the Sony ‘Honami’

A couple of months ago, I did a post about a new Sony phone that was rumoured to be in development, codenamed the Sony Honami. I got a bit excited about it at the time, ‘cos not only did it sound like a ludicrously powerful phone, but it was also rumoured to have an absolutely massive 20MP camera. It was also said to have an oversized camera sensor, second only to that found in the Nokia 808 PureView (and soon to be found in the PureView Lumia phone what Nokia has in the works).

Well now, Xperia Blog has only gone and got hold of a system dump of the new phone, and if this is on the level (and it does seem to be), then the Honami is going to be a properly god-tier phone. So, what’s the crack? Continue reading

So, what’s all this about the Nokia EOS PureView Lumia phone, then?

Right then, do you remember when the Nokia 808 PureView was released? It was, without question, the single best camera phone that’s ever been made, but there was a bit of a problem with it. That problem was that Nokia built it to run on Symbian, thus making it look a bit rubbish next to the wealth of top-end smartphones out there, even with that phenomenal camera. In fact, for many people, it was a complete deal breaker, and that included every single UK network, ‘cos none of ’em sold it.

Imagine, though, if a PureView camera turned up on a phone running a modern smartphone OS; according to GSMArena (amongst others), that’s actually going to happen, in the shape of a phone codenamed the Nokia EOS… Continue reading

Microsoft allegedly DID want to buy Nokia, but talks broke down

Y’know, there’s a been rumours that Microsoft were planning on buying Nokia, right from the very first moment that Nokia announced they’d be using Windows Phone for all of their smartphones. Of course, there was always the slight problem that there’s never been a shred of actual evidence for that assertion, but it’s such an attractive theory, ain’t it? Like all the best conspiracy theories, it just seems so plausible, right?

Well now, according to the WSJ, there’s a new rumour, saying that Microsoft did in fact want to buy Nokia, but that it’s now not happening.

Annnnd that means that the question, as always, is this: truth or cobblers? Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom – a true fusion betwixt smartphone and camera

Whenever I talk about new phones on the pages of this ‘ere blog, there’s a couple of features I always talk about (or mention, at least), without fail. One of them’s the processor, ‘cos I love poowweeer, but the other one is the camera. Maybe it’s because customers like to know these things, or maybe it’s just because I like including numbers in my posts (like 1,199GHz or 9,000MP), those are the two things you can almost guarantee I’ll mention.

In the case of the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, though, there’s a new number to mention, and it’s the number 10. Why? ‘Cos the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is a camera phone with 10x optical zoom. That’s a rarity, that, so let’s take a closer look… Continue reading

Jolla – the world’s first proper Sailfish phone officially unveiled

Okay, now I’m excited. I’ve been going on about Sailfish OS for absolutely ages, now, ever since it was first unveiled. Today, though, we’ve seen our first glimpse of the actual proper phone that’ll be the first phone to officially run the Sailfish OS. Say hello to the phone that’s simply called the Jolla

I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting, but I definitely wasn’t expecting them to bring us the future, next-generation, hyper-advanced version of the XpressOn covers that Nokia made famous, that’s for sure. That’s damnably intriguing, that is… Continue reading

Sailfish OS – big announcement coming on May 20th

I’m really getting excited about seeing more of the upcoming Sailfish OS. We’ve seen a load of stuff about it already, but it turns out that there’s a big announcement coming very soon…

Yep, May 20th. Next Monday, according to Jolla, “all will be revealed“. I like it when I see things like that (even when the teaser trailer surrounding that message makes no sense), ‘cos it implies we’ve only seen a fraction of what Sailfish is capable of so far, and since what we’ve seen so far has been made of win, what on Earth might they be waiting to unveil next? Continue reading

Okay, seriously, how is the Nokia Asha 501 NOT classed as a smartphone?

Right then, you may well remember that I’ve been a very vocal supporter of the Asha range of phones made by Nokia. I’ve questioned, before, just how these things can possibly not be classed as smartphones, and now that the Nokia Asha 501 has been announced, I’m asking it again…

Seriously, look at it. How in the name of everything sane is that phone not classed as an entry-level smartphone? Well, actually, as it happens, I think I might have a theory about that… Continue reading