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Ooh, look! Is that the Nexus Prime, coming to steal Apple’s thunder?

Now then, here’s a thing. Samsung are having an event next week, as part of their long-running series of “Unpacked” events, and it seems like something rather interesting is going to be unveiled. If it really is what everyone thinks it’s going to be, then we’re in for a real treat. Here, have a look at the teaser video for it…

Okay, so, the video tells us nothing about specs or anything like that, but it does show that we can expect a phone with a curved screen. And what phone do we know of, that’s rumoured to be getting a curved screen, and that’s due to be announced very, very soon? Continue reading

So, are curved glass screens going to be the next big thing, then?

Now then, here’s an interesting thought. According to DigiTimes, 2012 is going to be the year when phones with curved screens take off in a big way. You know the kind I mean; take the Nokia N9 and the Nexus S, or example, ‘cos they have screens that are both made of glass, and, er, not flat. Apparently, phones like that are going to take off, big time, in 2012.

What makes them say that? Well, apparently, manufacturers including Apple and, er, others who aren’t Apple (I’d bet Samsung is on that list somewhere), have started gearing up for large scale production of curvy glass screens, and such a move can only be a prelude to invasion them getting ready to chuck out phones that use ’em… Continue reading

The Nexus S boldly goes where no phone has gone before

Before we begin, let me apologise for the awful joke in the title. I know it was a groaner, but I went with it, anyway. Go figure. Anyway, the point is that I’ve just seen a rather brilliant video, about the Nexus S being taken into SPAAAAAAAACE, onboard the shuttle Atlantis…

So, what was the point of sending a Nexus S into space? Simple: “explore how robots can help humans experiment and live in space more efficiently.Continue reading

Ooh! NFC transactions coming to the Android PayPal app

Like most people on the internet, I have used, and continue to use eBay, and because of that, I use PayPal. Granted, they can be a bit rubbish, sometimes, but overall, they’re not bad. However, with me using an old school WinMo phone, I don’t have a PayPal app for my phone. If you have an Android phone, though, then you do have a PayPal app available, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd it’s set to get even more useful this summer. Why? Observe…

Yup, the Android PayPal app is going to be getting NFC support, so you can do “peer-to-peer” payments on the fly, by touching two phones together. Well, as long as you both own the Nexus S, since that’s the only Android phone that currently has NFC (although that will change)… Continue reading

Rumour – Samsung will make the next Googlephone, the Nexus Prime

Okay folks, I’ve already done one blog post, today, about Google, and about how they’re well on track to rule the world, with Android. So, let’s follow it up with another post about Google, only this one is about their next Nexus phone, the successor to the Nexus S. Specifically it’s about who is rumoured to be making it, and what it’s rumoured to be called; according to BGR, the first bit is “Samsung”, and the second bit is the single greatest name of a phone that I’ve ever heard.

“Nexus Prime”…

Now then, anyone who knows what my avatar is an image of will know why I love that name so much, but others may need an explanation… Continue reading

Netcom makes memory cards that give NFC to phones without NFC

NFC (Near-Field Communications) seems to be the next big thing in mobile phones, especially since Google Wallet got announced, but the thing is that there’s a lot of phones that don’t have it; the only two I can think of, off the top of my head, are the Nexus S and the Nokia C7. So all these NFC features are just pie in the sky for people who haven’t got one of those phones, right?

Well apparently, according to Engadget, Netcom have a plan to let everyone use NFC, even if your phone doesn’t have it built in. How? Simples. They’re working on memory cards, specifically microSD cards, with NFC built in. Basically, take a phone without NFC, slot the memory card in, and then you have a phone with NFC built in. Continue reading

Google Wallet unveiled – mobile payments are go (well, in the USA, anyway)

Okay, this should be an interesting blog post, since I’ll be writing about something that I know that I’ll most likely never use, but that I think is pretty cool, anyway. Yup, it’s that concept of mobile payments, done over NFC, and as you can tell from the title, it’s about Google; they’ve now unveiled their completely accurately (but dreadfully uninspiringly) named Google Wallet.

And here’s the thing, right; being the cynical, mardy old curmudgeon that I am, I look at this, and think: oooh, I really hope they’ve made it secure, that could be bad. And then, I slap myself, because I realise I’m being a curmudgeonly old bleeder. Basically, my gut instinct says I don’t want this, but I reckon my gut instinct is wrongContinue reading

Hasbro and Google team up to make a phone-bot that’s scared of Decepticons

I’m not going to lie to ya, folks; there is not one word in that title that I don’t adore. One glance at my avatar on this blog should tell you why, but in case I need to spell it out, I’ve been a Transformers fan since I was 7 years old, back in the dim and distant past (ie/ 1984). So, if we’re talking about my favourite companies in the world, no matter how good HTC are, they pale in comparison to Hasbro, whose toys I’ve been collecting for twenty-seven years.

So, when Hasbro teamed up with Google to make Android phones into little pet robots (as reported on by Engadget), my ears pricked up, and I damn well started paying attention, mainly because you can scare it by showing it a Decepticon logo… Continue reading

Google reorganises, Android is now one of its absolute TOP priorities

Okay, I’ll start by saying that the title has always been true, in that Android has always been important to them. It’s just that with the new reorganisation of Google, according to IntoMobile, Android is now one of its absolute top priorities. Basically, a handful of key project heads have been promoted, and now answer directly to Larry Page; Andy Rubin (Android’s big cheese) is one of ’em.

Therefore, the message is that Android is massively important to Google. Granted, that’s hardly the most world-shattering revelation (it’s not particularly world-shattering, nor is it any sense a revelation, at least not for anyone who’s been paying attention or the past 3 years), but it’s a slow news day, so what the hooha, right? Continue reading