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So, the Moto G… is it any good?

Hmm, y’know, it occurs to me that I’ve not actually spoken about this particular phone before, and I’m not entirely sure why. Perhaps it’s because it’s not the same kind of phone as over the top, stupidly powerful top-enders like the Sony Xperia Z1. Perhaps it’s because a mid-ranger like this particular phone needs to be really special, to even stand a chance of catching my eye.

That phone is the Moto G, and the question now is this: have I been missing out by completely failing to notice it? Has there been a stunning little phone under my nose all this time? Is the Moto G, in fact, any good?

Let’s find out… Continue reading

Motorola and 3D Systems join forces, to make the ‘Project Ara’ modular phone

Do ye remember when the Phonebloks project was first announced, and I said how there was next to no chance of it ever actually happening? And then, do ye remember how Motorola got behind the idea and announced Project Ara, a project to make a similar modular phone with the Phonebloks’ creator’s input? And ye remember how I was never so happy to have been proved wrong?

Well now, we know a bit more about what’s happening with Project Ara, thanks to a press release from 3D printing company 3D Systems; turns out that the two companies, Motorola and 3D Systems, have joined forces.

So, what’s the crack? Continue reading

Remember Phonebloks? Motorola’s making it a reality with ‘Project Ara’

In early September, I did a blog post about something called Phonebloks. As I wrote at the time, it’s a concept for a sort of modular mobile phone, whereby you can add various components to change everything, from the camera, to the battery, to the antenna, and so on; however, I also said that it had as much chance of becoming a reality as I have of beating Mo Farah in a race after I’ve become Pope…

Well I am very happy to say that I was completely totally wrong; according to their own press release, Motorola is already working on just such a concept! Even better, they’re working with the creator of Phonebloks, Dave Hakkens himself, so it looks like it may well happen after all…  Continue reading

Moto X officially unveiled – awesomely customisable, but a bit gutless

For weeks, people have been wibbling on about the upcoming and oft-rumoured Moto X, the phone that was rumoured to be amongst the most customisable mobile devices in history. Something about it captured the public’s imagination, although to be frank, it’s kinda really ever so easy to work out what that something might have been.

Yes, it’s the fact that absolutely everything about the phone was rumoured to be completely customisable by the customer, at the point of sale, from the colour or material of the battery cover, to the memory the phone has, and so on.

Well now, the Moto X has been unveiled, and it ain’t quite as exciting as everyone hoped… Continue reading

Future tech – what exactly are Mirasol displays?

Right then, folks. We’ve seen LCD screens (on a whole shedload of phones). We’ve seen AMOLED screens (on, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S4). We’ve even seen an e-ink display on a phone (lest we forget, it was the little Motofone F3, made by Motorola, and it was a glorious little beastie… well, I liked it, anyway). Not many people know, though, that there’s another type of display which we haven’t seen on a commercially available mobile phone yet, and it’s a technology called Mirasol.

Y’see, according to Engadget, Qualcomm’s just debuted a new Mirasol display with a shocking pixel density of 577ppi, dwarfing every single phone on the market today. But what are Mirasol displays, exactly? Let’s find out… Continue reading

It’s the 40th anniversary of the first EVER mobile phone call!

Well blimey o’riley, I cannot believe I forgot what today is. Mind you, it’s hardly surprising. Just ask any of my friends how good I am at remembering birthdays. Honestly, I’m useless at it; I swear, on my life, I even had my mum’s birthday wrong in my phone until I lent her it for something and she spotted it.

It was a tad awkward, yes.

Anyway, the point is that I was poking about online a few minutes ago, and suddenly saw maaaaaaaaany posts reminding me that today, right, today is the 40th anniversary of the very first ever mobile phone call! So, I reckon it’s time to get all contemplative and retrospective, and all that… Continue reading

Are Motorola planning a phone where you pick your own hardware spec?

Hmm, I reckon I’m going to have to categorise this story as ‘really very intriguing if true, but take it with a pinch, nae, an entire EU mountain of salt’. In fact that might not be enough salt; we’d best start strip-mining the Bonneville Salt Flats so we’ve got enough. Of course, there’s always that slim possibility that it’s true, and if it is, well, it could well end up being really cool.

Y’see, there’s a rumour going about that the upcoming X Phone, by Motorola, is in fact not going to be one phone. No, the rumour is that it’ll be a customisable package, where you pick the hardware spec for your phone, and according to DroidLife, that possibility’s now been hinted at by someone within MotorolaContinue reading

Motorola X – new uber-powered superphone to be released in July?

Now then, here’s a thing; a rumour about an upcoming phone, and it’s not one of the usual suspects (as in it’s not an HTC or a Samsung). No sirree, today’s rumour is about Motorola, and it concerns a new phone that they might be working on, and that might be announced at the Google I/O conference in May.

According to UnwiredView, it’s called the Motorola X. Well, alright, it’s rumoured to be called the Motorola X, although that may not be its name when it goes on sale, if it’s even its name at all.

So, it’s time for the two big questions, once more: 1/ will it be any good, if it exists; and 2/ does it exist, or is the rumour a load of cobblers? Continue reading

Samsung to start selling Tizen phones this year

Blimey, 2013 really is turning into the new of the new smartphone platform, innit? There’s Firefox OS, that looks interesting. There’s also Ubuntu, which I didn’t know about until today, but which looks kinda cool. There’s that phoenix that rose from the ashes of MeeGo, namely Sailfish OS…

Oh, and there’s the other phoenix that rose from the ashes of MeeGo, and that OS is called Tizen. I’ve blogged about it a few times in the past, and mentioned how, since it was being backed by Samsung, I could easily imagine the Korean manufacturer punting out some phones using it as their OS. According to Bloomberg, Samsung’s now confirmed that in 2013, they’ll be doing just that. So, what can we expect to see? Continue reading

Rumour – Amazon Appstore finally coming to the UK this summer

Now then, here’s a topic I’ve not talked about for a while, with the last time I mentioned it in any kid of depth was last year: the Amazon Appstore. There’s a very good reason why I’ve not mentioned it in ages, and it’s quite simply because you can only actually use the Amazon Appstore if you’re in the colonies. Well, alright, the USA, ‘cos Aussies are out of luck, too.

However, that’s rumoured to not be the case much longer, because according to AllThingsD, the Amazon Appstore is allegedly coming to selected European countries this summer, and we’re one of ’em (along with Germany, France, Austria, Italy and Spain). Naturally, I have some thoughts on this, so strap yourselves in… Continue reading