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Apparently, smartphone manufacturers are going mad for ‘selfie phones’

Apparently, smartphone manufacturers are going mad for 'selfie phones'Now then, if you’re on Facebook, or Twitter, or another social site like that, how many times do you see your friends sharing photos of themselves? When they do share photos of themselves, how many of ’em are selfies?

I’d wager it’s quite a lot, which is probably why smartphone manufacturers seem to have gone gaga over the idea of releasing a selfie phone, with both HTC and Sony seem to want a piece of that action… Continue reading

Angry Birds Epic – fun, but ye gods is there a lot of grinding!

Right, now, I’ve mentioned before that I’m a bit of an Angry Birds fan. I’m also a fan of RPGs (that’s role-playing games, not rocket-propelled grenades, naturally). Combine the two and what do you get? Why simple, you get Angry Birds Epic!

And now, I’ve played it, on my trusty HTC phone, so I can give you my own not at all impartial verdict. So, Angry Birds Epic: is it an epic win?  Continue reading

Android L unveiled, and it looks like a DOOZY of an update

Android L unveiled, and it looks like a DOOZY of an updateNow then, I’ve made my feelings on Android very clear over the couple of years I’ve used it, but to briefly sum them up again: I really like Android. I reckon it’s the best of the big three smartphone platforms, and with each and every update, it just keeps on getting better.

Take the newest update, for example. It’s called Android L, and it’s brilliant. I’m properly loving what I’ve seen of it so far, so let’s take a wee look, shall we? Continue reading

Nvidia Tegra K1 benchmark scores appear online, and ye gods, it’s fast!

Nvidia Tegra K1 benchmark scores appear online, and ye gods, it's fast!The phone I’ve got at the minute is a One X, made by HTC, and one of the reasons I decided to get this particular phone was because it had a Tegra 3 processor in it (i.e. because it was stupidly fast in its day, and had a load of graphics cores in it). Since then, the Tegra range has been more or less supplanted by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, but now, Nvidia is looking to redress the balance. Y’see, the new Tegra K1 is on the way and, well, it’s fast. Really fast… Continue reading

So, everyone’s reporting that Apple has very nearly bought Dr Dre’s Beats

Now there’s a bit of news I wasn’t expecting. Well, assuming it is in fact true, of course, ‘cos there’s been no official confirmation (no, the hastily pulled video of Dr. Dre doesn’t count), although I should point out that places like the Wall Street Journal seem to be of the opinion that the news is actually genuine, so y’know, maybe it is true.

Erm, perhaps I should back up a bit, and say what the news actually is, eh? Continue reading

Imagine a 4G phone with a battery made of pixie dust and sorcery

Imagine a 4G phone with a battery made of pixie dust and sorceryModern smartphones are brilliant, aren’t they? They’re uber-powerful, they look gorgeous, and with 4G data, they’re now ridiculously fast online as well. Of course, none of that matters when it comes to charging them up, because that part still takes ages. However, what if I told you there was a way to charge your smartphone in just 30 seconds?

Unbelievably, that’s precisely what StoreDot claims to be able to do… Continue reading

HTC One M8 – The Big MobileShop Review!

HTC One M8 - The Big MobileShop Review!Well folks, here we go. This beastie has been rumoured for months, and after seeing just about every detail of the phone in a leaked stylee, the HTC One M8 has finally gone official, so at long last, we can take a look at what this new superphone is really like. Not that I’m excited or anything, obviously. It’s just that there’s one bit of this phone that goes beyond mere tech specs, ‘cos it’s made of magic and pixie dust. More on that in a sec, but let’s start with… Continue reading

Xperia, Galaxy, Firefox, X – the biggest news from MWC 2014

Well, there we go, folks; another year, another Mobile World Congress, although I’m rather pleased to say that this year’s MWC has been a lot more exciting than last year’s complete and total anti-climax of a wash-out! After all the big manufacturers stayed away last year, they’ve come crawling back again (other than Apple, who never show up, and HTC, who’ve decided not to show off their new flagship phone yet), so that we actually saw some big name phones getting announced!

Oh, and there were also a couple of surprises. Quite big surprises, really, as you’ll see throughout the rest of this post. You’ll be able to tell the surprised bits, ‘cos my text will look surprised. So, what new stuff did we get to see this year? Continue reading

Jelly Bean is now the most used version of Android in the world

It’s always intriguing to watch the evolution of Android as a platform, and one of the key metrics that people use to measure its impact is the number of phones running on each version of Google’s smartphone platform. It’s not that long ago that most Android phones out there (whether they were made by HTC or Samsung or, er, someone else) were running on Gingerbread, but the world keeps on changin’, and when the change involves newer, more advanced versions of Android, it’s a change for the better.

Now, thanks to Android Developers, we know which version of Android is the most common one ye’ll find in the wild, and let’s not beat about the bush, it’s Jelly Bean… Continue reading

Assassin’s Creed: Pirates sets ashore on Android and iOS devices

[WARNING: This blog post WILL contain spoilers for Assassin’s Creed III, so if you’ve not played it yet, be advised.]

Fun fact: I have something of a love-hate relationship with the Assassin’s Creed series. F’r’instance, I utterly adored Assassin’s Creed II, a game I bought for my sister, and never intended to actually play myself, but I just couldn’t get into the first Assassin’s Creed, because it was so chuffing clunky, compared to the sequel. Also f’r’instance, I loved the present day Desmond story arc (lost civilisations and global apocalypses are kinda my thing), while utterly loathing the way they ended that story in Assassin’s Creed III.

We’re now up to Assassin’s Creed IV (the sixth game in the series… yes, I know), and there’s a mobile game to go along with it. Say hello to Assassin’s Creed: PiratesContinue reading