O2 announces 4G for London trial

4G is coming to London for a nine month trial to 1000 O2 customers.

The operator has installed 40 masts in a 40 square kilometre area, with up to 25 stations in the pipeline, for testing of the high-speed mobile on the 2.6GHz spectrum ahead of a planned nationwide launch in 2013.

The trial could see a download speed as fast as 100mbps to the O2 customers taking part.

Chief Executive Officer of Telefónica UK, Ronan Dune, commented: “The work we are doing now will lay the foundations for our commercial 4G network when it launches in the UK… Our work in London will give us a better understanding of the capabilities of 4G technology and will allow us to explore the superfast benefits it will bring to people and industry across the UK. This 4G trial is the next step on our journey to a smarter network – a network that offers a seamless, connected experience across multiple devices, locations and services.”