Y’know what? I’m gutted that the Ubuntu Edge didn’t hit its funding goal!

This may seem like an odd blog post for me to write, given how many times I’ve said that I’m not a fan of Ubuntu Touch, but there ye go. Y’see, Ubuntu Touch does have a couple of rather intriguing features (more on that in a sec), but as far as the interface goes, it’s fair to say that I’m not a huge fan. So, with that in mind, I must surely not care even slightly about the fate of the Ubuntu Edge, the new phone whose IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign ended this week, right?


I’m genuinely gutted that the Ubuntu Edge failed to come anywhere close to its funding target, and I shall tell ye why…

The first point, right, is that the Ubuntu Edge would have been ungodly powerful, with the fastest processor on the market (at the time, when they actually came to make the thing) and a vast 128GB of internal storage. At a stroke, it would have become the fastest phone on the market, while making even the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 look a bit slow. Sure, the screen was only 720p, but in terms of raw power, it would’ve pretty much outdone everything else out there.

It would’ve also been the most powerful Android phone ever, since it could dual-boot between Android and Ubuntu Touch.

The biggest thing, though, is that when you plugged it into a desktop dock, it’d also become a proper PC, expanding the Ubuntu OS into its desktop form, letting you, in a very real sense, carry a PC round in your pocket. Now yes, Ubuntu Touch is still happening, and that feature will be a standard part of the OS, but it would’ve been nice to see it in a phone that wasn’t far off being as powerful as PCs!

Ah well, such is the way of things.

Time to drink a toast to the Ubuntu Edge, the most awesome phone that the world never got to experience…


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