What happens if you overclock a Samsung Galaxy S II up to 1.5GHz?

There should be absolutely no secret, by now, that the phones I really like are the reeeeeeeeeeeally powerful ones. You know the ones I mean; uber-beasties like the HTC Sensation, that are powerful enough to make even Skynet look a bit sheepish. One of the most uber of the uber-beasties currently on the market is, of course, the Samsung Galaxy S II, but the big question is: what happens if you overclock its processor to 1.5GHz?

Well, thanks to XDA Developers, we now know (although I’d postulate that I also know another thing that would happen if you do, specifically that the battery will die very, very quickly); what happens, unsurprisingly, is that this uber-beastie gets even more uber…

Seriously have a look at the benchmark table in the image just up there. Those blue bars are phones like the HTC Desire and the Nexus One, the first generation of superphones, if you like. The orange bar, though, that’s the exciting one, because that is the Samsung Galaxy S II, after you’ve overclocked it to 1.5GHz. Granted, I have no idea what units they use on those Quadrant benchmarking tests, but still, relative to the other phones on there, it’s mindbogglingly powerful.

What was noticeable in the tests he did, as well, is that even if you don’t overclock it, the Samsung Galaxy S II is one seriously powerful bit of kit. It’s well known, by now, that Samsung were going to release it at 1GHz, but that they changed their mind before launch, and changed it to 1.2GHz, and believe me, it shows.

There’s a very good reason why the Galaxy S II is my “second favourite phone that I don’t own, just after the HTC Sensation”, and now you know that reason.

It’s because the Galaxy S II is, quite frankly, a beast of a thing!

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