Well, it seems that big things have happened in the RIM boardroom

It seems that RIM had their earnings call, today, and let’s not beat about the bush: big things have happened in their boardroom. According to Engadget, they’ve had a bad quarter (as if an earnings call was needed to show that, right?), scoring a GAAP net loss of $125 million. Which is, to put it mildly, very, very not good at all.

That’s not the biggest news, though, ‘cos that was sort of expected. The big, surprising news is that Jim Balsilie, former co-CEO of RIM, has gone. Yup, after his stepping down as co-CEO not that long ago, he’s not stepped down completely from the board of directors.

I was not expecting that… 

Meanwhile, new CEO Thorsten Heins went on to say that the company is going to refocus on the corporate market, which actually makes some sense, if you think about it. The fact is, Blackberry phones are, at present, completely incapable of capturing the public’s imagination in the same way as Android or iOS devices do. People fall in love with the iPhone 4S. That does kinda baffle me, but then, I’ve fallen in love with the HTC One X, so I can’t really talk.

What people do with Blackberry phones, usually, is look at them, and go, “Meh.”

So, although they’ve clarified that they are not leaving the consumer market, they’re refocusing on business customers, where the customer’s emotional response is not as important. That should, theoretically, buy them some time to get BlackberryOS 10 finished, which may give them more of a fighting chance at the consumer market, once more. Oh, and they talked about the possibility of licensing BlackberryOS 10 out to other manufacturers, which seems like a good move to me.

Now if only they could offload Mike Lazaridis, too, ‘cos although he helped build the company up, I can’t help but feel that having him as the chairman of RIM’s Innovation Committee isn’t doing them any favours.

Still, there is the tiniest glimmer of hope, there, so we’ll see what happens…

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