Time for wild guesses – who will make the next Nexus phone?

Right then, I’ve gone on record as saying that the LG Nexus 4 is actually a rather nice phone; as the name suggests, it’s part of Google’s Nexus range and, er, it’s made by LG. However, according to the latest news from AllAboutPhone (Google-translated link), it might be the last Nexus phone LG makes, ‘cos they’ve said that they are not making the next one.

Basically LG’s Kim Wong, says that they don’t need the marketing exposure from making another Nexus phone, and at the same time, that they want to focus on their own user interface and experience. So, that leaves us with a question: if LG ain’t making the next Nexus phone, who is?

The two obvious manufacturers are HTC and Samsung, ‘cos they’ve both made Nexus phones in the past (hell, HTC made the first one, the aptly-named Nexus One). So the obvious guess would be one of those two, although I suppose it’s also possible that Motorola could make one, what with them being owned by Google and everything. Hell, it could even be someone completely out of leftfield, like ZTE or Huawei.

Or, on the other hand, there might not be a next Nexus phone…

Now yes, granted, there probably will be, but it’s tempting to consider the possibility there might not be, when you think that a Google Edition (i.e. with stock Android, just like Nexus phones) of the Samsung Galaxy S4 got released, and that the HTC One is rumoured to be getting the same treatment. Put simply, Google might not need to commission a new Nexus phone, since the Google Edition phones will fill the same niche.

They probably will, though. My money (well, alright, my massive amounts of wishful thinking) is on HTC…


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