The Mobile Charger that doesn’t need a plug socket

fuel cell chargerRemember a bit back, where we ran a story about how we thought charging technology would evolve and develop? (You know the one, it had a Hamster wheel connected to an iPhone. That’s not the kind of image you forget in a hurry.)

Well, it turns out we’re not too far off the mark, according to a story at Tech On. It turns out that Power Air Corp had been thinking about the same question we have, only in their case, they actually have the skill, knowledge, talent and a thousand-and-one other things we lack, like engineering skill, to make a device to charge phones without needing a wall socket.

Called the ZPAC 40, it plugs into your mobile phone, the same as any other charger. But, the big difference is what happens at the other end, where instead of going into the wall, it plugs into a fuel cell. Now, if I explain it in full, it will inevitably get techy, and you’ll get bored (because, if I’m honest, even I did), but essentially, it’s as efficient as plugging it in the wall, you can take it anywhere you go, it will provide you with 10 lots of recharging, and, one for the green party, its CO2 emissions are zero. That’s right, nothing, nada, zilch. Not a microgram of CO2 is produced.

Plus, it’s made using zinc as the active component inside, which is inflammable, which makes it less likely to blow up and burn your face off! I call that a bonus, since storage is one of the areas fuel cells face challenges in.

Ok, 10 charges isn’t a lot for a mobile phone, but it’s a start, and I reckon Power Air Corp deserve a bi slap on the back for this promising new technological leap. And it can only get more efficient, and better at its job, so the future’s looking bright!

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