The Lamborghini Mobile Phone

asus zx1 lamborghini mobile phoneAh-ha, no, this one’s not a stupid phone concept! It’s actually real, according to Engadget Mobile! The phone in question is the Asus ZX1 Lamborghini phone. Yup, that’s the same people who make the Eee PC (say that first word in a Yorkshire accent, and really draw it out, for best effect).

Running on Windows Mobile 6.1, the core operating system is going to be tweaked by Asus to be… well, all spinny and pretty and nice, or as they say, “it’s just like the iPhone!”

It’s very clear from the badge that it’s a Lamborghini mobile phone, but there are other little touches in the design. The shape of the nav-key, for example, being the same as a Lambo badge, and I reckon the Call & End keys look like the headlights on a Gallardo. So, in essence, it’s all shiny, and nice, and the name Lamborghini is easily more exclusive than Nokia (ask yourself this… can you afford a Nokia? Yes? Good. Can you afford a Lambo……?)

I’m not entirely sure how well it conveys the feeling of “Lamborghini-ness”, since they’re based the holy trinity on gut-wrenching power, outrageous looks and being utterly, utterly mental. It just feels a bit too… nice, to be a Lambo.

Still, looks the business, and if it flies, could be a damn good phone, this.

But the big question is: how will it fair against OUR concept version of a Lamborghini phone, shown on this story?

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11 thoughts on “The Lamborghini Mobile Phone

  1. karl

    hahahaha… what a piece of crap, this phone looks really tacky.

    only people that will buy this phone is the sort of people that buy a lambo for the “ive got a big c**k” status.

  2. top gear

    most of us can omly dream of having a labo car so this phone is the the closest you’ll get to owning the labo badge

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