The Huawei M660 has a portrait QWERTY keyboard, and looks win

Now then, I’ve always had a little bit of a thing for touchscreen phones with a portrait QWERTY keyboard sellotaped to the front, like the old Sony Ericsson P990, or the much nicer Sony Ericsson P1 (both of which I owned, y’see). The thing is, though, that you just don’t see phones like that nowadays (unless you look at Blackberry phones, obviously), so seeing this made me rather happy.

According to PhoneArena (and I’d love to read about it on their own site, but my firewall thinks their site is dodgy), it’s called the Huawei M660, and the layout of the phone’s front really, really reminds me of the P1 that I used to have, as well as the cancelled Dell Smoke. It is genuine, apparently, so what will this thing be like?

Well, in truth, we actually know very little about it, other than the fact it has a portrait QWERTY keyboard, and a 3.2 inch screen. Oh, and it’ll run on Android 2.3, and it will support microSD cards, but apart from that, no-one really knows. Camera? Yes, it’s got one, but there’s no indication how big the resolution is. Onboard memory? No idea. Processor speed? Not a clue, but Huawei have been making mid-range phones with relatively high specs for their price range, so we live in hope, right?

Basically, it sounds like it’s not going to be giving the top tier of smartphones any worries, but as a mid-ranger, this little beastie has a lot going for it.

Y’see, I always judge smartphones on how happy I’d be to own one, which is why I instantly knew I had to own the HTC One X, as soon as it was unveiled. Could I live with the Huawei M660 as my main phone? No. Do I want to own one, anyway, despite that? Why yes, yes I do, in the same way that I want my sister’s Samsung Galaxy Note, despite already having my own phone that can rival it. Its unique feature? The vast screen, and the S-Pen. The Huawei’s unique feature? That luvverly keyboard.

Thus, I want it, even though I’ll never own one. Mark of a good phone in my eyes, that is.

So yeah. There’s no word on when, or even if, this thing will hit the UK, but hey, we can all live in hope, right?

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