Survey – Apple isn’t as ‘inspiring’ these days

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Now then, here’s an interesting thing. Y’know how Apple tends to have possibly the most loyal fans in the entire spacetime continuum, and how it’s because Apple manage to give off this vibe that their gear is just cool, and something people want to own? It’s been called the reality distortion field before and it’s served Apple well, but now, it’s starting to sound like that distortion field might be starting to fail.

According to BBC News, consultancy firm Added Value has done a survey about “inspiring” brands, and they’ve found that Apple, apparently, just ain’t as inspiring as it used to be.

So, what’s going on?

Well, this little survey has raised fears among analysts, that Apple’s kinda losing its way, and has been doing so since the death of CEO Steve Jobs. A big part of it is the perception that instead of leading the pack (although I’d debate that Apple ever actually did that, anyway), they’re now simply reacting to what the rest of the mobile industry is doing. For example, after Apple’s insistence that people didn’t want phones with big screens, the iPhone 5, with its bigger screen, can tend to come across as a half-hearted attempt to try and stop losing customers who really do want big screens.

The same can be said of the iPad Mini, a device that was made a reality even after Apple said people didn’t want smaller tablets.

The many, many patent lawsuits can’t have helped Apple’s image, either. In constantly trying to crack the whip against the likes of HTC, or especially their famously massive suit against Samsung, Apple may well have started to come across as less of a dreamy technological innovator and more of a petulant bully, in the eyes of customers.

But will this mean that Apple’s reputation is going to end up tarnished beyond repair?

Well, it’s still too early to tell, but the survey itself makes for interesting reading, as it rates the top 10 “visionary, inspiring, bold and exciting” brands, and Samsung is now very close to Apple. Worse than that, though, Google (whose Android OS powers the likes of the new Samsung Galaxy S4, a phone that’s surely going to give the iPhone some serious competition this year) is now viewed as being more “visionary, inspiring, bold and exciting” than Apple.

It’s too early for me to say, “Oh, how the mighty have fallen,” but rest assured that I’m warming up to that…

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