Super Meat Boy coming to mobile phones (in a completely new form)!

If you’re a gamer, then I’ve got little doubt that you’ve already heard of Super Meat Boy. It’s a twitch platformer, and it’s a ton of fun, but dear lord, it is brutally unforgiving. ‘Tis one of those games where, if you’re anything less than 100% focus, you will die. A lot. Over and over again. Sure, it’s not like I Wanna Be The Guy (but then, what is?), which is designed to be unfair and completely evil, but it’s no slouch.

And now, according to the Team Meat blog, Super Meat Boy is coming to mobile phones, but the thing is, it won’t be the same Super Meat Boy that everyone’s already played. No sirree, Team Meat have decided that they’re going to remake the game from the ground up… 

It’s going to get a new name, too, and it’ll be called Super Meat Boy: The Game. That’s not all, either, because it’s going to get brand new art assets, new sound, and new, well, everything. That’s kinda brilliant, actually, ‘cos it means that if you’ve already got the original game on PC, you can get the new game on your phone (whether it’s the Android-powered HTC One X or the iOS-powered iPhone 4S), with0ut worrying that it’s just the same game.

‘Cos it won’t be the same game. It’ll have elements of the original, but it’s a brand new game, designed specifically for touchscreen devices.

Or as Team Meat put it, “Sadly, there was no way of doing this without the game becoming a pile of garbage, Super Meat Boy is a twitch platformer with precision controls, there was no way in hell this would work on a touch screen with buttons all over it, Super Meat Boy isn’t a game we want to make a sub-par version of just to cash in… So, we decided to totally remake the whole game instead, from the ground up!

Meaty goodness, then!

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