Sony Xperia Neo L – it has Android ICS, but I’m not sure on those specs

Well, here it is, the first Sony phone to officially come with Ice Cream Sandwich, right out of the box. It’s called the Sony Xperia Neo L, and the real appeal of it is that you don’t have to twiddle your thumbs waiting for Sony to get round to updating it to the latest, greatest version of Android. So, that’s good, right?

Alas, as far as I can see, that’s really about the only good thing about it. It looks like it might only be coming out in Asia, and usually, that would be disappointing, but the thing is, right, that when you see the specs of the Xperia Neo L, they look a bit, well, gutless.

In fact, it’s kind of a let-down… 

Y’see, while it has a 4 inch screen, the screen resolution is only 854 x 480 pixels, which is nowhere near the top-end standard set by phones like the HTC One X. So, that’s one strike against it. The next strike is the processor, ‘cos top-end phones these days are starting to use quad-core processors (the One X again). At the very least, you’d expect a top-ender to have a dual-core processor.

Y’know, just like the Sony Xperia S.

So, given that the Sony Xperia Neo L has a single-core processor, you can understand why I’d be a bit underwhelmed, right? Sure, it looks like a nice phone, and everything, but the specs just leave me a bit cold.

Ah well, there’s always next time, right?

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