Sony internally embraces a new ethos – One Sony

Well, we all expected this would happen when they bought out Ericsson, right? It seems that Sony has been having a bit of an internal reorganisation, to bring their three core electronics businesses (those being digital imaging, games and mobile) under one, all-encompassing banner. According to their own press release, this new ethos goes by the name of ‘One Sony’, and it’s a move designed to drive convergence between the three core groups.

Basically, the point of the move seems to be to make Sony a bit leaner and meaner, so they can get more of their unique assets into each product group; for example, I would imagine their tablets (which fall under the mobile group) may well get PlayStation certification…

So, since this is a site dedicated to, y’know, mobile phones (the clue’s in the name, y’see), what about their actual phones? Well, in the short term, if they’re going for “leaner and meaner”, I can imagine that meaning less phones, but better phones. So, more like the really rather nice Sony Xperia S, and less like the kind of underwhelming Sony Xperia Sola.

But how about long-term?

Well, there’s the obvious idea of PlayStation Certification on more of their phones, which seems like a bit of a no-brainer. However, with digital imaging also being classed as one of their three core electronics groups, I could imagine that translating as “better cameras in their phones”. On a business level, it should also lead to more profitability, and other good stuff like that.

So, yeah. One Sony. We shall see what the future brings…

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