So, is the HTC Titan III happening, or is this actually just a typo?

Right then, here’s an interesting bit of potential news. According to WPCentral, Microsoft did a survey on Xbox, recently, and one of the questions in it was about how excited people’d be to get one of the phones on the list. Ye can see the question in that piccie over there, to the right, but the eagle-eyed among you may notice that there’s something a bit out of place on that image. Yup, in amongst big superstar phones like the iPhone 5, that question includes the HTC Titan III. And what’s the problem with that?

The HTC Titan III doesn’t actually exist…

The question is this: is it a case of not existing at all, or is it a case of not existing yet?

There’s two possibilities here, and it’s the first possibility that people seem to be getting excited about, the possibility that is a real, unannounced HTC phone, whose existence Microsoft’s just accidentally leaked to the public. After all, they do have form for doing that; back before Mass Effect 3 went on sale, Microsoft accidentally leaked a beta version of it through Xbox Live, which included the entire script for the game.

So they do have form.

On the other hand, we need to consider the other possibility, and consider that it’s just a typo. Whoever was typing it up could have meant to put HTC 8X in there, what with that being a current phone. Y’know, since every other phone on the list (including the Samsung Galaxy S3 and a few others), is a current phone.

So, I can either do what some people have done (in a sort of UFO conspiracy way), and say that this is absolute proof that the HTC Titan III is coming out (y’know, the same as how everything unidentified or weird, ever, is aliens). Or I can be vaguely sensible and say it’s a typo (which is akin to shielding your eyes, and saying, “Guy, look, it really is just a flock of geese!”).

Being a sceptic, I’m gonna go with the second one, unless any actual evidence appears…

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