So, are curved glass screens going to be the next big thing, then?

Now then, here’s an interesting thought. According to DigiTimes, 2012 is going to be the year when phones with curved screens take off in a big way. You know the kind I mean; take the Nokia N9 and the Nexus S, or example, ‘cos they have screens that are both made of glass, and, er, not flat. Apparently, phones like that are going to take off, big time, in 2012.

What makes them say that? Well, apparently, manufacturers including Apple and, er, others who aren’t Apple (I’d bet Samsung is on that list somewhere), have started gearing up for large scale production of curvy glass screens, and such a move can only be a prelude to invasion them getting ready to chuck out phones that use ’em…

Oh, and Corning are showing off curved Gorilla Glass panels, so I’m willing to bet HTC will punt out at least one mobile with a curved screen (y’know, since Nokia use Gorilla Glass, and they already have punted one out, in the shape of the aforementioned N9).

The big question is whether it’ll take off, but there, I can’t really give you an answer. I’ve no doubt people will buy them, if they’re all sexy and powerful, like, but I don’t know if curved screens will take off enough to become the new mainstream. I quite literally have no idea how much the difference in manufacturing cost is between flat and curved screens, but I’d bet the simple shape makes ones that ain’t flat more expensive to produce.

And we know how much phone manufacturers (and rightly so, they’d go out of business if not) love profits.

So, we shall see how this one pans out.

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