Six European countries (including UK) will get the Nokia Windows phone first

Ooh, here we go; another day, another snippet of info about the first Windows phone that Nokia will be releasing. There’s no specs, or anything, but the latest bit of info does confirm when (well, roughly, anyway) and where it will be hitting shelves first. According to WMPoweruser, the first Nokia phone running on WP7 will hit shelves in six European countries first, before going worldwide.

The best news is that we are one of the six countries. The UK, along with France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, will get the phone before anyone else. The only odd thing about this announcement is the fact that Finland (y’know, where Nokia are from) is not one of the six countries…

As for the when, the announcement said it’s still on course to arrive before the end of this year, but we do know it’ll be after the Mango update goes live, ‘cos the Nokia Windows phone will come with that Mango update right out of the box. Well, that’s what everyone’s been told, so it’d better happen.

I say again, though, that absolutely no-one knows what the specs will be, except Nokia of course, and they ain’t telling. I think it may be a bit optimistic to expect a 12MP camera like the Nokia N8 had, but you never know, but you can pretty much guarantee it’ll have a minimum of a 1GHz processor, just like other Windows phones, such as the HTC Mozart. Y’know, what with 1GHz being the minimum clock speed for Windows phones, and everything.

So yeah. We’re one of the lucky six. Now we’re just waiting to see how good a thing that is…

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