Samsung to start selling Tizen phones this year

Blimey, 2013 really is turning into the new of the new smartphone platform, innit? There’s Firefox OS, that looks interesting. There’s also Ubuntu, which I didn’t know about until today, but which looks kinda cool. There’s that phoenix that rose from the ashes of MeeGo, namely Sailfish OS…

Oh, and there’s the other phoenix that rose from the ashes of MeeGo, and that OS is called Tizen. I’ve blogged about it a few times in the past, and mentioned how, since it was being backed by Samsung, I could easily imagine the Korean manufacturer punting out some phones using it as their OS. According to Bloomberg, Samsung’s now confirmed that in 2013, they’ll be doing just that. So, what can we expect to see?

Well, Samsung say that they’ll be releasing what they describe as “competitive” handsets, running Tizen. Quite what that means, though, I’m not sure; does it mean that we’ll be seeing uber-powerful beasties like the Samsung Galaxy S3, but running on Tizen? Or does it mean that we’ll see mid-rangers like the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (hence being competitive on price) running on Tizen?

I have no idea, so I suppose we shall find out.

As for why Samsung’s decided to punt out multiple Tizen phones, that allegedly comes down to them wanting to wean themselves off using Android. Y’know, ‘cos of Google buying Motorola and all that. Of course, that could make the Android situation rather interesting, what with Samsung being the biggest Android manufacturer out there. One has to wonder who’ll rise to fill the gap, if Samsung do end up stopping their association with Android.

‘Tis going to be very interesting to watch…

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