Samsung to announce 5 inch Galaxy S4 at CES 2013?

Well, blimey, 720p screens didn’t stay at the top-end for very long, did they? It doesn’t seem that long ago since we were all looking at phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3, and gushing about how pin-sharp their 720p screens were. But as always, science marches on, and 1080p has become the new benchmark for proper top-end screens, and a few manufacturers (HTC, for example) have already jumped on that bandwagon.

Well, according to SamMobile, Samsung are going to be getting in on the action as well, early next year, by producing their own 5 inch (well, 4.99 inch, but still) 1080p screen. Furthermore, they reckon that said screen will appear in the Samsung Galaxy S4…

Yep, they reckon it’s going to appear in a phone that’s ages away from even officially existing, but let’s be honest, here; does anyone actually doubt, for one nanosecond, that the Galaxy S4 will happen? The Galaxy S3 is easily the most popular Android phone ever made, and there’s talk that it might, possibly, maybe, even beat, or at least match, the sales of the iPhone 5. After all, the Galaxy S3 did beat the iPhone range’s sales in Q3, so it’s theoretically possible. However, consider this: part of the reason why the Galaxy S3 did so well is the fact that it was a sequel to the previous most popular Android phone, the Galaxy S II.

How much more wildly popular will a phone that builds on the success of the Galaxy S3 be…?

But anyway, yes, if the rumour’s true (although it’s completely unknown as to how big an ‘if‘ that currently is), the Galaxy S4 is going to be announced early next year (which seems about as inevitable as it comes), and it’ll have a 5 inch 1080p screen (which seems pretty chuffing likely).

Thus, it’s going to be one hell of a phone…

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