Samsung Galaxy S II video promos appear online

Ooh, lookee! A new phone for me to get excited about! I’ve not really spoken about it much, but y0y may well have heard that the next phone from Samsung sounds like it’s going to be a corker. It’s the Samsung Galaxy S II, and I’ll be honest, it’s one of those phones that makes me feel all squiffy, in a good way. Why? Well, here’s one reason:

8.49mm thick? Are you kidding me? A phone with dual-core processor is only 8.49mm thick?

Want! Now!

Sorry, I got all excited there, didn’t I? ‘Tis understandable, though, since the Galaxy S II looks like it’s going to be another blindingly good phone, in much the same way that the original Samsung Galaxy S was also a blindingly good phone. And this one is guaranteed to be faster, since it’s got a dual-core processor. And it’s only 8.49mm thick!

However, of course, it’s gonna face stiff competition; not only is it going up against the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (well, that and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, too), but the HTC Sensation is going to be hitting shelves soon, and that thing looks like a monster of a phone.

In short, us consumers are getting a choice of some truly stunning smartphones. And seeing which one wins is going to be epic.

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