Samsung extends its lead in the global smartphone market

Samsung, right, is massive. That might seem like an obvious thing to say, what with them being a big, multinational company, but it sometimes pays to remind ourselves just how massive they are. Y’see, IDC has just published statistics on the smartphone market, both for Q4 of last year and for 2012 as a whole, and as everyone expected, Samsung took home the top spot. Again.

Y’know, ‘cos they’re the biggest phone manufacturer in the entire world.

So, let’s talk figures. We all know that Samsung are the world’s number 1 phone maker, but how many millions of phones did they shift in 2012? Well, let’s have a look…¬†

In Q4, Samsung shipped a whopping 63.7 million smartphones, bang on with analysts’ predictions that they’d shift somewhere in that region; as for market share, they held 29% of the global smartphone market, in Q4. When taking their figures for 2012 as a whole, though, the numbers get even more astounding, ‘cos over the course of the whole year, they shipped a colossal 215.8 million smartphones (and take note, that’s just smartphones; if you include feature phones, that total rockets up to 406 million phones).

Ye gods, no wonder they’re number 1!

Of course, we all know what phones¬† made that figure happen, don’t we? The Samsung Galaxy Note II continued the trend set by its predecessor, of proving that phablets really aren’t a niche class of devices, and at the same time, the Samsung Galaxy S3 went on to be the biggest selling Android phone ever, in the entire history of the platform.

As for other manufacturers, the Top 5 (in Q4) was made up of Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Sony and ZTE; as for the whole year, the Top 5 was Samsung, Apple, Nokia, HTC, and RIM.

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