Rumour – Standalone HTC media player might be on the way?

Right then, you all know my feelings about HTC (and if you don’t, they can be summed up by the word “love”, or possibly, when it comes to phones like the HTC One X, “unhealthy obsession”). They’re easily my favourite manufacturer, and I love hearing about what they’re up to next, whether it’s a new phone, or a new tablet.

However, everyone has limits, and I think I may have found mine, today, courtesy of PatentBolt. The reason is simple: the Patent Office has published an HTC patent, that shows plans for what looks like a standalone media player, similar to the iPod Touch.

If I’m honest, I sort of completely fail to see the point of such a device… 

Y’see, I’m not entirely sure that it’s necessary in this day and age. The patent itself shows off a device with stereo speakers, which is nice, and everything, but in a world where mobile phones have become everyone’s music players and portable games consoles, is there really a huge market for a media-centric device with the same size screen?

I don’t honestly know, but my gut says, “Meh, probably not.”

Of course, it’s also worth pointing out that although it’s only just been published, HTC actually filed the patent around a year ago, back in the early part of 2011. So, even if they were planning to make such a device at one point, it doesn’t necessarily mean they still are. Plans change, after all, and this could be an old idea that they have no intention of bringing to market. Or, maybe, they plan on adding the bits listed in the patent to their range of phones?

Imagine something like the aforementioned One X, or the stunning looking HTC One S, with those speakers (and there appears to be four of them) built in.

I rather like the sound of that…

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