Rockstar bringing Max Payne to iOS and Android devices

After the news that Rockstar were bringing Grand Theft Auto III to mobile phones, it only seemed a matter of time until they brought over the other big franchise they’re known for, into the mobile world. Yes, I’m talking about Max Payne, and according to Joystiq, the John Woo-inspired action game is due to make its debut on smartphones (and tablets, naturally) this month.

It’s coming out on iOS first, on April 12th, (and they say it’ll work on the iPhone 3GS, which is a novelty, these days… I’m used to games only working on the iPhone 4S, or at best, the iPhone 4). The Android version will follow on April 26th, but as yet, there’s no list of which Android devices it’ll work on, although one is coming…

As for the plot, it’s one of those archetypal roaring rampages of revenge. DEA agent and former NYPD cop, Max Payne, fails to save his wife and daughter, when a trio of junkies break into his house, on a new designer drug. So, he goes about the long and violent process of taking apart the Mafia responsible for it. And thus, the stage is set for a bid old action game, complete with loads and loads of bullet time.

And yes, it’s pretty much like playing a John Woo movie.

So, April 12th for iOS, and April 26th for Android, although there’s no word on which Android phones it’ll work on. I’d bet top-enders like the HTC One X shouldn’t have any problem, though. Well, I hope not, anyway, since that’s the phone I want, and I want to get in on the jumpy, slidy, two gun action.

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