RIM takes some of the wraps off BlackberryOS 10… and it looks GOOD!

Well, cover me in packing tape and post me to Ascension Island, I didn’t expect to be writing that as a headline, today! Y’see, the BBWC event thing is happening, and they’ve taken some of the wraps off BlackberryOS 10. To my very great surprise, it actually looks really nice

Blimey, that looks sooooo much better than I expected! One of my complaints about Blackberry phones is that, in a world where the Android and Windows Phone platforms exist, BlackberryOS was just not funky enough to survive. Well, the new gesture controls in BlackberryOS 10 (and in its new keyboard, in particular) have me convinced my conclusion may have been reached a little too hastily…

Gesture controls are nothing new, after all, and I’d argue that they should have been included in BlackberryOS a long time ago. Just look at how nice they are in the likes of the HTC One X (or the Nokia Lumia 900, if you’re that way inclined); seeing them appear on Blackberry phones is, therefore, an categorically good thing. I especially like the (seemingly very intelligent) word prediction on the keyboard, and how you swipe up to select a whole word.

‘Tis neat, that.

So, basically, what I’m saying is that I have hope for the fortunes of RIM once again. It’s quite an alien feeling, these days, but I have to say… I rather like it! I don’t think, for one second, that it’d ever knock Android off its perch, but honestly, as things stand currently, I reckon they have a chance of knocking someone off their perch.

Basically, I’m saying that after everything that’s happened, I reckon Nokia should be cacking themselves right about now…

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