PureView and Google Play – oh look, technological convergence is happening

Well, it’s time for one of those posts where I look to the future, what with the future being awesome. Y’see, this post has been fermenting away in my brain ever since I read about two separate things that have happened in the past fortnight. The first was the story about the Nokia 808 PureView, a phone that looks like it could potentially replace point & shoot cameras. The second was the news, yesterday, that the Android Market was evolving into the more cloud-based Google Play service.

Basically, I feel that we’re seeing technological convergence in action, and that’s exciting. Sure, we’re still nowhere near the fabled technological singularity, so I won’t drone on about it, but it’s fun to see convergence in action, right? 

I have to say, though, that it’s quite a surprise to see Nokia leading the charge. I expected Google to be one of the groups to push us towards that state of convergence, but I have to admit that Nokia being one of the agents of change was enough to throw me off-balance. It’s definitely going to be interesting to see the shockwaves that their PureView imaging tech causes in the industry, and it’s becoming less difficult to imagine a future where one single device (possibly built into our bodies, this being the future, obviously) does absolutely everything.

It’s certainly going to be interesting to see the day when a phone like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, or the mind-warpingly powerful HTC One X, is considered antiquated…

Of course, we all know that it’ll then go wrong, and the machines will rise up to dominate humanity. They may get bored and incinerate us, or they may stick us in cryo tanks, to turn us into some kind of living battery, and then it’ll just be carnage.

Still, they say you reap what you sow, right?

But anyway, on to other matters; enough of the sneaky hints about tomorrow’s big blog post. No more joining the day’s posts together into one linked trilogy (like what I did on Monday). No more sneaky references to space gypsies (quarians), mobile platforms (geth), client races of a militarily superior race (volus and turians), glowy, orange wearable technology (omni-tools), EA mobile games, or massive effects (duh). No more interspersing a list of biotic and tech powers throughout a blog post (this blog post, in fact). Because now we’re all set for tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow is the day I finally get to play Mass Effect 3, and because EA have released Mass Effect: Infiltrator on iOS, I can legitimately talk about here, on this very blog.

So tune in tomorrow, ‘cos you’re going to see me nerd out like never before…

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