Project Glass – hmm, Google might be working on Android glasses, after all

Right then, remember how I did a blog post about the rumour that Google were working on Android-powered glasses? Well, Google have released a new video which shows evidence that they, in fact, are. Say hello to Project Glass…

Okay, let’s first get past the fact that the guy in the video appears to be an insufferable git (and so did his mate). Also, who goes to a rooftop to play a ukulele? Well, granted, someone probably has, at some point in history, but it does feel like an unbearably smug thing to do, right? So yes, let’s get past that, and look at the actually idea that is Project Glass…

I do like the fact that the interface is so, well, empty. The last thing you want is something permanently overlaid over your eyes, lest you accidentally walk under a bus. We also get an idea of how the interface would work with the various head tilts and nods that’d be needed to control it. It’s a world away from the likes of Sense on the HTC One X, but it is kinda cool, I reckon.

Basically, Project Glass appears to take the idea of augmented reality, and run with it, to create an entire interface built around that concept. Throw in a hell of a lot of voice control, in a system that appears to be not unlike Siri, and ye have a winner. It also proves how versatile Android is, ‘cos although it is Android, the same as you’d find in the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it looks and behaves nothing like a normal phone.

So, ’tis pretty cool, I’d say. I don’t know that I’d ever use it, but hey, I’d love to see Project Glass actually appear on the market.

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