Photoshop Touch lands on Android and iOS smartphones!

A while back, Adobe released a new app for tablets, that made me go all squiffy. That app was Photoshop Touch, and I was amazed to see that the world’s most well-known image editing program was coming to mobile devices (until I realised that it’s not full-fat Photoshop, it’s basically Photoshop Elements; still cool, but not as cool as seeing CS6 on a mobile device would be).

Well, except for one crucial fact: when I say mobile devices, I of course mean “tablets only”.

Today is a good day, though, because according to Adobe’s blog, Photoshop Touch has stopped being a tablet-exclusive. Yes, it’s s now available for smartphones!

Photoshop Touch for phones is basically identical to the version for tablets, except for one crucial point: the UI has been overhauled so that it, well, works on the smaller screen of a phone. Mind you, even with that in mind, I’d say you’re still going to find it easier to use on a phone with a big screen, something like the Sony Xperia Z or the colossal Samsung Galaxy Note II.

And yes, it’s also available on iOS, for the likes of the iPhone 5, but I reckon that smaller screen will likely be a hindrance, just as it would on smaller Android phones.

But yeah. Photoshop on mobile phones! How cool is that? There’s a couple of new features in there as well (well, they’re in the tablet version, too) that make it even more attractive, and the coolest of them is something called Scribble Selection. Basically, you scribble on the screen with your fingertip, the app works out precisely what you’re trying to select, and then does a high precision selection based on that. That is rather brilliant.

Photoshop Touch is available on iOS and Android, right now, for the princely sum of £2.99.

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