PhoneSoap – the magic box that cleans AND charges your phone

Us human beings are disgusting, filthy beings, really. It’s often said that there’s more bacteria in the human mouth than you’d find on a toilet lid, and those bacteria also tend to congregate on our mobile phones. Of course, one could argue that since they live in our own gobs, they’re probably not that dangerous, but anyway, there’s a new fund started up on Kickstarter, for something called PhoneSoap, that’s designed to kill those bacteria stone-dead.

That’s not all, though, because the magic box also charges the phone while it’s sanitising it. But how is that even possible? How can you have something that safely combines electricity and soap? Well, it’s not actually soap, y’see…

Yup, there’s precisely no liquid in the PhoneSoap box. It’s not actual detergent in there; instead, what it uses is UV-C light, the same as they use for sanitisation in the co-creator’s cancer research lab. That UV-C light basically rips cells apart, and thus, kills bacteria, so the soap in question, here, is light. Therefore, I approve, ‘cos that’s nicely sci-fi, that is. It also includes a built-in charger, as I said, and there’s a couple of plugs in there; there’s an Apple plug, so you can charge the likes of the iPhone 4S, and there’s a microUSB plug, to charge up phones that use that standard, like the HTC One X.

Annnnnnnd needless to say, because there’s no actual soap, it won’t make the phone blow up, which is always nice.

The only bit that I question is whether there’s actually a market for PhoneSoap. Sure, I know that bacteria do flourish on mobile phones, but I would postulate that most people, if they’re actually honest, don’t really care. Especially not when the solution costs them the equivalent of 25 quid, becauseĀ  people are essentially selfish, which I’m fine with. ‘Tis the same reason why eco-phones never took off as a huge niche; people just don’t give a chuff.

But still, we shall see…

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