Ooh look, a new scifi-ish camera sensor where you won’t need a flash

Y’know the UltraPixel camera in the HTC One? And y’know how it has really good low light performance? It uses oversized pixels in the camera sensor, y’see, which allows the 4MP camera to capture roughly as much light as a 12MP camera, which is rather cool. It’s basically three times more sensitive than every other 4MP camera.

However, there’s a new type of image sensor coming, one which utterly blows the UltraPixel camera away in terms of how much light it can capture. According to TechNewsDaily, it’s being developed by Nanyang Technological University, it’s made of graphene, and it’s roughly a thousand times as sensitive as current camera sensors…

That, right, is unbelievably impressive, and it’d basically mean that any camera using the new sensor won’t ever need a flash, ever again, ever. Basically, imagine a future version of something like, say, the Samsung Galaxy S4, but with this new tech loaded into it; it’d be able to take near perfect night shots without any other form of external light, which is pretty bleedin’ astounding, right?

So, how does it work?

Well, basically, it’s down the material it’s made of, i.e. graphene, i.e. the other uber-scifi-material-made-of-carbon that’s not carbon nanotubes. More specifically, it’s down to the graphene’s use as a “light-trapping” nanostructure that holds on to light-generated electron particles for longer than conventional sensors, and which therefore produce exponentially better low light photos.

And the best bit? Wang Qijie, the guy who invented the new sensor, took current camera manufacturing processes into account when developing it, so manufacturers would be able to instantly switch over to putting graphene cameras in their phones, without changing their manufacturing process. All they’d need to do is swap the current material used to make the sensor, for graphene, and Bob’s yer dad’s brother.

Basically, it’s scifi tech that could be rolled out into phones right now.

Make it happen, manufacturer-type people!


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