Ooh! Google Play turns 1 today, and Google has gifts for everyone!

Ahhhh, Google Play, how I love thee. I tell ya, one of the big reasons why I was so eager to jump to Android was because I wanted apps dammit, and so, the simple fact is that I love Google Play. The other simple fact is that it’s not just me; I reckon everyone who uses Android loves apps, and therefore, I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing a happy first birthday to Google Play…

Alright, the video was a bit cheesy, but yes, the point is that today, on Google Play’s first birthday, Google has gifts for us! There’s free stuff, there’s cheap stuff, and there’s exclusive stuff within apps, so go ahead, fill yer boots…

Blimey, has it really been a year since Google decided that ‘Android Market’ was a boring name, and that they needed something a bit funkier? ‘Tis weird to think that it’s also, therefore, almost a year since I got my current HTC phone, the utterly gorgeous HTC One X (still love it to bits, thank you very much, even if the Sony Xperia Z is starting to turn my head).

So there you have it, Google Play is a year old, today.

It’s been a good year for Android too, with the platform extending its lead over iOS even further, and with the number of apps available on Google Play finally just about catching up with Apple’s App Store. For me, though, the best thing about Google Play is its huge range of free, ad-supported apps, ‘cos it means I can feed my habit for downloading stuff without making myself, well, skint. There’s something on there for everyone, too, from a simple but deceptively powerful custom widget like UCCW (my favourite app, by a huge margin) to entire new launchers like Nova Launcher (which my sister uses on her Samsung phone).

Happy birthday, Google Play; here’s to many more years of downloading stuff!

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