Ooh, apparently, Boeing are working on an Android phone

Y’know, it’s not just mobile phones that I love, no sirree; there’s a couple of other technologies that I’ve always loved, ever since I was a wee nipper. One of ’em is cars (naturally, what with me being a man), while the other is designed to fly through the air and, often, make things explode, really spectacularly (which cars generally don’t do, unless you’re a really bad driver). I’m talking, of course, about the aerospace industry, something I’ve been a fan of ever since I saw a Vulcan fly over at an air show, when I was a kid. Ye gods, that was a powerful beast!

What has this got to do with phones? Simple: according to National Defense Magazine, Boeing is making an Android phone…

Now, before anyone gets all excited, the name of the source link should give away the fact that this phone ain’t going to be for the likes of civvies like me. Nope, it seems likely that this beastie is destined for those who work in the defence industries, what with them working on making it as ridiculously secure as possible. I have no idea what the specs might be, but I’m willing to bet we’re not talking about the HTC One X level of brilliance, here.

Oh, and there’s another thing that makes me think we’ll never, ever see this thing on the general consumer market: the price. Boeing pointed out that competitor offerings come in around the $15-20,000 mark, and that ain’t cheap.

Still, if you’re job involves working on the real life version of Skynet, then you’re unlikely to get something from the likes of HTC or Samsung as your work phone, so this could be brilliant. If that describes you. Which it probably doesn’t, but ye never know who’s reading this blog.

And if you are, why are you making a real world Skynet? Did you not watch the film?!

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