Official – Samsung Galaxy S III will be unveiled on May 3rd!

Well, here we go, folks. It’s been rumoured for months, and it’s been pretty much inevitable it would happen, ever since the Samsung Galaxy S II became such a massive hit, but according to SammyHub, we finally know when the Samsung Galaxy S III will be unveiled to an expectant public. So, get your pens ready, and make a note in your diary (or more realistically, on your phone’s calendar, ‘cos let’s be honest, you’ve not had a diary in years, same as me); it’s going to be officially unveiled on May 3rd.

So, since the rumours so far have all painted the picture of a phone that’s unbelievably impressive, what can we expect to see, when Samsung show off their new baby?

I’d say it’s a pretty fair bet to say that it’ll use Android Ice Cream Sandwich, ‘cos really, why would Samsung put an older version of the OS in their newest flagship phone? That’d just be silly. It’s a fair guess to also say that it’ll be powerful, and in fact, the rumours so far have spoken about it having a quad-core processor. When it comes to the screen, though, there’ve been a few different rumours, that can’t seem to agree on what size it’ll be, but the consensus seems to be that it’ll be in the region of 4.6-4.8 inches.

And so, history is repeating itself, because all those specs tell you exactly which phone it’s going to be going head to head with. Just as the Samsung Galaxy S II went up against the original HTC Sensation, this beastie will be going up against the ungodly powerful HTC One X.

Now that is going to be a fight worth seeing!

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