Nokia’s head of design hints at an incoming tablet device

Right then, this bit of news should be something that comes as a huge surprise to precisely no-one; Nokia are working on a tablet device. In fact, according to IntoMobile, Nokia’s Head of Design, Marko Ahtisaari, says that he spends about a third of his time working on said new tablet device. He went so far as to say that we’re working on specifically making the device stand out among a sea of iPad-challengers.

So, as always happens when news like this emerges, it’s time to turn our minds to precisely what a Nokia tablet device might be like. Well, it seems like it’s logical to jump to the conclusion that it’ll run on Windows 8. Yup, they’re with Microsoft, I can’t see them jumping to Android for tablets…

So, Windows 8. And Windows 8 will use the same kernel as the next version of the Windows Phone platform, so they’re functionally going to be using the same OS, but with different screen sizes. So, basically, a big version of something like the Nokia Lumia 800, or the upcoming Nokia Lumia 900, then? Well, alright, it’ll not be exactly like a big version of their Windows phone, but you can bet the design similarities will be there.

How will Nokia make it stand out from the crowd?

No idea, but time will tell, I suppose. They’re certainly going to have their work cut out for them, though, what with Android tablets gaining traction, and a new version of the iPad being guaranteed practically every year. Still, we shall see…

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