Mobile phones fight the pointy-toothed undead in Fright Night

If you’re my age (or older), you can probably remember the classic 80s horror movie, Fright Night, what with it being something of a cult classic, and with it having the absolutely inimitable Roddy McDowall in it. Naturally, with Hollywood being utterly bereft of new ideas, it was only a matter of time until the film got remade, but in this case, I can forgive them for doing so.

Mainly because the new version of Fright Night is absolutely bleedin’ brilliant. And awesomely, they didn’t get anyone to even try to mimic Roddy McDowall’s performance. No sirree, what they did instead was to hire David Tennant and get him to channel the spirit of Russell Brand, in his Doctor Who voice, while swearing a lot… 

But before I get on to that, the film obviously had mobile phones in it, or I wouldn’t be talking about it here. There were a few in fact, and they all seemed to be Android phones (with the exception of one that might have been an iPhone), and I definitely recognised one of them as being a Motorola. I reckon it was either a Milestone, or a Milestone 2.

The obvious joke here is that the character using it (Charley Brewster played by Anton Yelchin, who played Chekhov in the Star Trek reboot) could’ve really done with a Motorola Defy Plus. Water-resistant, see, ‘cos of all the blood spurting all over the shop.

Yes, Fright Night is a proper vampire movie, and that means you can expect to see about eleventy billion gallons of fake blood. None of this sparkly fairies rubbish (in fact, there’s an utterly stupendous joke at Twilight‘s expense in there, coming straight from the mouth of McLovin himself), we’re talking proper creatures of the night, with nasty, big, pointy teeth. We’re talking stakes, and crucifixes, and garlic, and sunlight, and all the things that vampires used to be about before Stephenie Meyer came along and ruined it for everyone who isn’t a psychotic, screaming, 16 year old schoolgirl.

And what’s even better is that it’s a horror-comedy, so as well as being genuinely scary in places, it’s also wet-yerself funny, not least the bit where David Tennant’s talking about the rash. No, I’m not saying where it is, but it all makes sense in context. Oh, and there’s even a joke in there about Farscape, of all things, so as a fully paid up nerd, I was a happy bunny indeed.

In short, watch Fright Night, and pretend Stephenie Meyer never happened. You’ll feel much better.

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