Look, it’s an elephant playing with a Samsung Galaxy Note

Today has been a bit of a slow news day, all things considered. For the last post of the day, therefore, I decided that I need to go with something entirely serious, and completely not frivolous. So, with that in mind, here’s a video of an elephant playing with a Samsung Galaxy Note

What? Alright, maybe the “not frivolous” bit was a bit of an exaggeration, or, to put it another way, an outright lie. But still: look! It’s an elephant! Called Peter! And he’s using a phone! That’s awesome, right?

So, one has to ask the question: what’s next? A ferret with an iPhone? A moose playing with an HTC One X (‘cos you’d be surprised how dextrous a moose’s snout is)? An otter playing with a Motorola Defy Plus? Hmm, actually, that one might work, what with the Defy Plus being water-resistant…

Also, yes, I will admit that my first thought was, “Massive, massive fake!

However, if you look at the full unedited videos they’ve put up, then yes, it appears that Peter the elephant was indeed playing with the phone. They just took the best bits and stuck them all together. But then, it should be no surprise to anyone of a zoological bent that elephants are really rather intelligent. Surprisingly so, in fact. So, I can easily imagine one watching his human friend swipe through the photos on the phone, and then remember how to do the same thing, to get to the photo of the bananas.

Also, elephants are awesome. Just sayin’…

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