Leaked pic hints that Sony will release an absolutely MASSIVE phablet

Right then, here we go, another story about phablets. I’ve said many times that I reckon the future of top-end superphones is phablets, ‘cos really, when you’ve seen a phone with a five and ‘alf inch screen, very little else will actually compare to it any more, in the “blowing one away” stakes. So, imagine my glee when I saw this leaked pic (original source, in Google-translated form: Digi-wo), which purports to show the fascia for an upcoming Sony phablet.

An upcoming 6.44 (yes, SIX POINT FOUR FOUR) inch Sony phablet…

So, I have two questions: 1/ is it genuine; and 2/ is it, in fact, too big…?

As for the first question, well, the jury’s still out on that one as far as I’m concerned, although it’s worth pointing out that there’s very little in the pic which would mark it out as obviously being cobblers. The basic shape is right for the current crop of announced-but-not-yet-released Sony phones (as in the Sony Xperia Z; the corners are more squared off, like that phone, instead of the more rounded corners of the earlier Sony Xperia T). So, basically, it could well be genuine, and that brings us to the second question.

‘Cos if it is genuine, how big can a phone go, before people decide that it’s too big?

Y’see, I’ve tried out phablets before (me sister’s got a first-gen Galaxy Note), and as far as I’m concerned, that 5-and-a-bit inch mark (as seen on the Samsung Galaxy Note II) is the perfect sweet spot between being too small, and being hideously unwieldy. Let’s put it into perspective, shall we? For Christmas, me and me sis banded together, and bought a 7 inch Android tablet for the folks. I can only just hold it in one hand (holding it the same way one would hold a phone), and even then, I can only hold it like for a short while, before my hand starts complaining at me.

This phone has a screen that’s only about half an inch smaller, corner to corner, than that tablet.

Now sure, the tablet has a much thicker bezel round the screen, and it weighs roughly the same as a baleen whale, but I still can’t shake the feeling that this new monsterphone might be a pain to actually use. And yes, when I say pain, I mean that quite literally.

Having said that, I really hope I’m wrong, because you all know how squiffy I get over big, powerful phones…

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