iPhone 4S announced – Apple finally catches up with Android

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Yes, you may have noticed that I’ve gone a bit controversial in the title for this blog post, but the truth is, it’s a reaction to Apple’s marketing tactics, the most scumbag marketing tactics I’ve ever seen. Any company who, when they announce a new product, do so by specifically naming a rival and slagging them off, goes beyond the classification of “a bit underhanded”, firmly into “git” territory.

So, I feel that it’s my right, nay, my civic duty, to point out that the brand new, just announced iPhone 4S is, in fact, nowhere near as powerful as the best Android phones out there. Yeah, you heard me right; the brand new phone that Apple says everyone tries to copy? It’s not as good as its rivals, no matter what Apple says…

Oh, but it’s the most amazing iPhone yet, surely? After all, that’s what Apple said in the keynote speech! Well, yes, it is, if you want to be pedantic about it, but it’s like saying that the 1988 Vauxhall Cavalier is better than one from 1983. It’s true, but neither of ’em is a Ferrari. To understand this rant, I shall cite the specs mentioned during the keynote speech; it’s running an Apple A5 chip, a dual-core unit, running at 1GHz. Which makes it 2X faster than the previous iPhone, yay!

However, it also makes it slower than, for example, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, at 1.4GHz, or the HTC Sensation, a phone that’s six months old, and runs at 1.2GHz. So, the iPhone 4S is slower.

Oh, and the other bit, and this is a long running bugbear I have with Apple. The iPhone 4S has an 8MP camera, and they’re up there, trumpeting it as though it’s something that’s never been seen before. Yeah? Well, my sister has had an 8MP camera phone for the past year, and I personally know people who were using them for a couple of years before that. Face detection? Yeah, there’s another Apple innovation, one that Samsung beat them to by a couple of years. Oh, and apparently, they have new intelligent software handling the antenna. Translation: they’ve fixed the antenna from the iPhone 4, not that they’d ever admit it had a problem, of course.

So there ye go. Always happens, right? Apple announce a new iPhone, it’s not as good as other phones on the market, and their Unbearable Smugness Of Being annoys me to the point that I start wanting to find a hipster and beat them to death with a Motorola StarTAC.

So, same old same old, really…

And yes, slagging off named rivals in your product presentation? Utterly unprofessional, that is. Well, alright, it’s well into git territory. So, booooooooooooooooo, bad Apple, boooooooooooo.

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