Intel shows off a new 7 inch tablet design, the Studybook

We all know that tablets are an important sector of the market these days, after the success of the original iPad (a device that I predicted would never, ever take off… oh, how wrong I was), and Android tablets are gaining more traction in the market. Sure, Android tablets made by the likes of HTC or Motorola are nowhere near as popular as the iPad, but Android brings some key benefits to the table, and one of the big ones is that it’s a free OS.

And that means cheaper tablets, which brings us on to the topic of this post. According to IntoMobile, Intel have unveiled a reference design for a brand new Android tablet, called the Studybook.

And it’ll be cheap, as far as tablets go…

Y’see, Intel says that OEM manufacturers should be able to develop and sell tablets using this design for less than $200 (the equivalent of about 125 quid, although it’s worth noting that Intel don’t set the price, so that’s just a rough idea of how little it could cost). As far as tablets go, that really is rather cheap, that, but just because it’s cheap, it does not mean it’s nasty. You’re looking at a 7 inch 1024×600 pixel screen, 1 GB of RAM and an Intel Atom Z650 processor.

If that’s not enough for you, how about the fact that it’s also resistant to dust, water and being dropped?

Y’see, it’s part of their Classmate range, so it’s built to be chucked about by kids who, let’s be honest, aren’t noted for being that careful with technology. Hell, I know I wasn’t, and I was a nerd, so for someone who doesn’t love technology with their very soul, I can only imagine the kind of battering they’d give it.

Mind you, that also applies to about 90% of the adults I know, so there’s probably a market for this tablet outside of schoolkids…

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