Instagram downloaded 5 million times from Google Play, in just 6 days

Right, I did a blog post about a week ago, about how Instagram was finally being released on Google Play, so that people with Android phones can finally have a fiddle about with the app that people with, say, an iPhone 4S have been using for ages, now. However, when I was writing that post, I hadn’t really researched just how popular Instagram is, and so, I wasn’t ready for the news I read today.

Y’see, according to Google Play’s stats, Instagram has been downloaded more than five million times, in the space of a mere six days. I reckon it’s safe to say that when any app hits five million downloads in less than a week, that app is a success.

Ah, but that ain’t all though…

Y’see, this week has been a good week for Instagram, because they’ve just been bought by Facebook, for the princely sum of $1 billion. I’d call that another indicator of a successful service, I would. Facebook also say that they’ll be operating Instagram independent of their main product, instead of just integrating everything into Facebook itself, so that’s always a bonus.

Oh, and there’s one other bit of good news, too; basically, Instagram is finally available for the HTC One X. It wasn’t, before, because I believe they were having problems making it work properly on phones a Tegra 3 processor, just like the One X uses. The fact that it is now available on that phone indicates that they’ve sorted the problem out, so more people will be able to use it, and Instagram will be able to reach more customers. So, win-win, for them.

Of course, it’ll also mean an even bigger proliferation of not very well composed photos with sepia effects added on to them, which probably isn’t a brilliant thing, but as I said last time, that’s the democratisation of technology for ya…

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