i-mate to rise from the ashes and make a phone with full-fat Windows 8?

Blimey, there’s a name I’ve not heard in chuffing ages! If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may remember me going all squiffy over a little phone called the i-mate Centurion, waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the mists of prehistory (well, 2009 actually); it was a gorgeous, credit card-sized Windows Mobile phone, and I wanted one badly. However, I never got the chance to play with one, because basically, i-mate went down the swanny.

Except they didn’t, and there’s a rumour going about right now (as reported on by Engadget), saying that i-mate are back!

Oh, and if it’s true, the rumour’s actually a lot more intriguing than ye might think…

Y’see, the rumour is that they’re making a comeback with a Windows phone, but unlike the HTC 8X or the Finnish competitor, the Nokia Lumia 920, it’s not a Windows Phone phone. No sirree bobby, it is, in fact, a full-fat Windows 8 phone, presumably using the same version of Windows 8 that you find in the entry-level Microsoft Surface (erm, which means it’s not actually, strictly speaking, “full-fat”, ‘cos it’s the RT version, not the Pro version).

Oh, and you can slot the phone into a dock, as you can see above, and have it turn into a PC.

It’s said to be called the i-mate Intelegent, and if they can pull it off, it’s definitely going to be an intriguing beastie. Of course, it might not end up being a very good beastie, and to be honest, that’s if it even turns up at all; i-mate said they’d be at MWC, but according to the source link, they’re listed as having a booth anywhere, so this could all prove to be mere vapourware.

Still, we shall see. A phone running on Windows 8 is certainly going to set them apart from the likes of Samsung or Asus, so this could prove to be rather intriguing.

It probably won’t, of course, but ye never know…

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