HTC to stop including Beats Audio headsets with their phones?

I got all excited when I first heard that HTC phones would be building Beats Audio technology into their smartphones, not least because my phone is my main music player (well, apart from my PC, of course). That’s part of why I want the HTC One X, in fact, along with the huge screen and the ungodly powerful processor. I am quite looking forward to getting some proper Beats Audio headphones with it, too.

So, it’s a shame that HTC executive Martin Fichter, in an interview with CNet, has implied that the manufacturer will no longer be including Beats headphones in the box with their devices.

However, is this really such a problem? 

Y’see, as much as my gut says “waaaaaaaaah, I wanted bright red headphones,” the rational bits of my brain can see that there’s not much point including them, if people aren’t particularly bothered about them. Besides, Fichter also goes on to say that they plan to actually incorporate the tech behind the headphones into the actual smartphones, themselves, and that’d be acceptable to me.

He also said they’d sell the Beats headsets separately, which is kinda fine by me, ‘cos it means I can buy a cheaper headset or, more likely, continue using the headset I’ve already got.

Which saves me money. And that’s always good…

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