HTC Golf coming to the market as the HTC Wildfire C?

I’ve always said that HTC’s Wildfire series (especially the last one, the HTC Wildfire S) are the yardstick that I measure other entry-level Android phones by. My mate down the pub has got one, and it is, quite frankly, brilliant. The point is that whenever a new one turns up, I always end up getting moderately excited.

So, imagine my glee upon seeing, courtesy of PocketNow, that a new Wildfire is reportedly on its way, and that it’ll be running Android Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s currently going by the name of HTC Golf, but reports are indicating that it’ll be released under a much cooler name, as the HTC Wildfire C.

So, am I about to get a new yardstick?

Well, alas, I’m not so sure, this time. Sure, it’s running on ICS, but looking at the specs of the Wildfire C, they don’t actually appear to be that much better than it’s predecessor. It’s said to have a single-core processor, and although the spec isn’t known for certain, it’s rumoured that it won’t even hit 1GHz. As for the screen, you’re apparently looking at a 3.5 inch (which isn’t bad) 480 x 320 pixel (which is) display.

That’s kind of a shame, since it’s clearly designed to look like a baby HTC One X, but mitigating against those two things are a couple of other bits, which are good. First up is the fact that the Wildfire C, just like its big brothers, has Beats Audio built in, and that’s always good. Secondly, you also get 25GB of Dropbox storage free for two years, again like the One range. And again, that is good. Oh, and you also get Sense 4.0.

So, we shall have to see what the Wildfire C is like once it gets released, and whether the extra goodies can make up for the fact that HTC seem to have given it a gutless processor.

Fingers crossed, eh?

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