Hmm, it would seem that things aren’t all sunshine and rainbows at RIM

While I do have a bit of a soft spot for Blackberry phones, it’d be plain daft for me to suggest there as big as Android phones, or the iPhone. The sales and market share figures speak for themselves, really; just have a look at how Android is utterly dominating the smartphone industry, while Blackberry sort of, in a very definite way, aren’t.

I’m not the only one who recognises that, no sirree, Bobby. According to BGR, RIM’s own employees are well aware of it, and they posted an open letter online to let the brass know exactly what the problem was, with some (in my opinion) entirely reasonable solutions to the problem.

Wanna guess how that went down?

Well, for starters, RIM posted their own open letter, in response, and it’s a teeny bit ironic; one of the big points of the original open letter was that RIM just doesn’t listen to its employees. And RIM’s own open letter is, basically, a brilliant example of them refuting that, by not listening to their employees…

Well, since then, the floodgates have opened, anonymous employees publishing even more letters, decrying the situation at RIM; what was one has now become many, in that archetypal Hydra type way that we all know and love. The basic crux of the problem seems to be that RIM employees are basically put to work in what sound like gulags, the company cares more about carriers than app developers (big mistake, nowadays), and that they don’t care enough about the end user experience.

I can definitely see that last one. Compare the latest Blackberry to something like the Samsung Galaxy S II (on Android), the HTC Mozart (on Windows Phone 7), or the Nokia N9 (on MeeGo); although I prefer the Android interface, the key point is that all three are totally focused on giving the end user a better experience. I can’t say the same of Blackberry phones, unfortunately.

So, will RIM change? Well, they’re going to have to, I’d say, or they’re going to go right down the swanny. However, on the strength of that open letter they did in response to the original open letter, I can’t see it happening yet…

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