Hmm, is this the Google Nexus tablet?

Right then, we all know that Google have a specific range of phones, which is designed to show off the core Android experience, without any extra adornments to take away from Google’s own vision of a phone. It is, of course, the Nexus range, and the most recent phone from that range is, of course, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

However, there’s a rumour going about that they’ll extend to the Nexus range to introduce a tablet device, with the core Google experience, and according to PocketNow, this might be it. But as usual, it’s now time for us all to put our sceptical trousers on. Yes, we need to ask the question we always ask, when we get a leak like this: is it real or cobblers? 

Well, the idea of Google commissioning a Nexus tablet isn’t that far removed from the realms of possibility, so I’m perfectly prepared to entertain the notion that one will happen. It seems such an obvious next step for the Nexus range, so I wouldn’t bet money against it happening. However, whether this thing is it remains to be seen.

As the source link points out, this render does look strikingly similar to a prototype Toshiba tablet (one with a Tegra 3 processor) that was seen at CES. The implication is that the Nexus tablet could be made by Toshiba, but that strikes me as odd, considering that Google owns Motorola, and Motorola already had a bit of success with the Xoom tablet.

Like I said, I have no doubt that we’re very likely to see a Nexus tablet in future. I’m just not sure this is it…

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