Has Samsung pulled the plug on Tizen OS, before it’s even released?

Well now, this is an intriguing rumour, and no mistake! Y’know how Samsung has been working on their fledgling Tizen OS for months, and how they’re planning to release the world’s first Tizen phone this year? Oh, and also, ‘know how that phone has been delayed? Well apparently, it might not be a good idea to get too excited about the phone, ‘cos according to UnwiredView, infamous blogger Eldar Murtazin has said that Tizen is, well, dead.

Yes, if what he’s saying is on the level, then Tizen isn’t just delayed; it ‘as shuffled off this mortal coil, and joined the choir invisible. So, is he right, or is this cobblers? Is Tizen OS, in fact, an ex-operating system?

Welp, Eldar Murtazin does indeed have a very long track record of generally being right about these kinds of rumours; as the source link points out, he correctly called the death of Bada OS ages before it became absolute general knowledge. That’s the thing about Murtazin; his reputation precedes him, and it’s a reputation for, more often than not, being bang on the money.

So, what the chuff’s going on?

It’s been said on many an occasion that the first Tizen phone would’ve had top-end hardware, along the lines of the Samsung Galaxy S4, and to be fair, Murtazin’s tweet does imply that this particular phone will still be happening. It’s just that it’ll likely be the only Tizen phone ever, a mere curiosity rather than an indicator of an Android-less future for Samsung. There’s no indication of why Samsung and Intel (who partnered up over Tizen) would make this decision, but perhaps it’s simply a case of them looking at the smartphone market, looking at what Android can do, and deciding Tizen simply can’t compete?

Of course, the rumour also states that they’re going to be working together on an Android phone, so I guess we’ll see how that turns out, instead.

Well, assuming the rumour’s true, of course…


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