Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas coming to Android, iOS and Windows Phone

At the start of October, I finally got round to playing Grand Theft Auto V, and I loved it to bits. I might not have enjoyed it as much as Saints Row 4 (largely because nothing is as fun as Saints Row 4), but GTA V is, without any doubt, one of the absolute high watermarks of this console generation.

However, it’s not the first game set in Los Santos, itself located in the fictional state of San Andreas. no, for that, we have to travel back through time to the first decade of this third millennium, and the sprawling behemoth that was GTA: San Andreas. Well now, the game that I said was too big to ever appear on smartphones is, in fact (according to a press release from Rockstar), coming to smartphones…

Welp, I have to be honest, I’m actually kinda shocked, but then I don’t suppose I should be, really. I’ve played GTA V, and I’ve seen what an absolute technological masterpiece it is; if they can get that level of graphical brilliance on consoles, and produce a game world so completely alive, then fitting the frankly massive GTA: San Andreas onto a smartphone is probably a doddle.

Doing it while also remastering and improving the graphics is probably just them showing off, though…

So yeah, basically, if you’ve got an Android device (the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, for example) or an iOS device (like the iPhone 5c), then you can now play one of the defining games from the PS2 era on yer phone! Oh, and it’s not just Android and iOS users, either; this time, the game’s also coming to Windows Phone devices, like the Nokia Lumia 1020. Whichever platform you play it on, though, I’d really seriously suggest investing in a Bluetooth gamepad controller thingy, ‘cos you already know my opinion on virtual, onscreen controls (it’s a long, drawn-out argument, usually involving lots of swearing, but it can be summed up thusly: I hate them).

So there ye go. I said GTA: San Andreas would never appear on mobile devices, and Rockstar’s gone and proved me wrong. Since I’m now hedging me bets, I therefore predict that GTA V will either never, ever appear on mobile phones, unless it does, some time around 2022.

Ha! See? Now you can’t prove me wrong again, Rockstar!


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