Google planning on making a Nexus slidephone?

Now then, here’s an interesting thing. It’s well known that the Nexus range is made entirely of Google’s own, untarnished view of what Android phones should be like, without any additional interface on top. The last phone to be released in the range was the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and everyone seemed to love it, which is fair enough, really, ‘cos it was brilliant.

According to CNet, though, Google might be planning on expanding the Nexus range, ‘cos they apparently filed a patent back in January for a new sliding phone. And the thing is… it turns out that there’s a couple of rather compelling reasons to suspect this will indeed lead to a Nexus slidephone going on sale…

Firstly, there’s the fact that the patent application lists none other than Andy Rubin as the inventor. That is a name you should recognise instantly, what with him being so important in the Google world, but there’s more to it than just his name. Y’see, normally, a patent apparently takes roughly 18 months to go through.

This one was filed in January, and published in April. Thus, it’s been fast-tracked, and that fact alone is very telling.

So, one possible conclusion is that Google will be releasing a Nexus slidephone, and given how quickly it’s been patented, they plan on doing so soon. Maybe they’ll get Motorola to make it, who knows? The other possibility is that they’re patenting it, just for the sake of patenting it, and thus, they’re not releasing a Nexus slidephone. One of those two must be true, right?

No idea which one, of course, but I guess we’ll find out in the fullness of time…

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